Jewish Bible Free

Welcome to the Hebrew Bible (JPS), the Bible edition published by the Jewish Publication Society of America.

This is the first translation of the Tanakh into English created by a committee of Jews in 1917.

In the early nineteenth century, most American Jews couldn’t read the Bible because a good English translation didn’t exist.
The Society formed a committee of Jews to create an appropriate Jewish Bible in English, that could reflect Jewish law faith and tradition.

Download the complete Jewish Bible to read offline on your phone. Once the app is downloaded on your phone, you can absolutely use it without Wi-Fi service. Enjoy all the verses you like most, wherever you are. You have the Tanakh at your fingertips!

The books in the Jewish Bible are:

Torah (The Law): Bereshit-Genesis, Shermot-Exodus, VaYikra-Leviticus, BaMidbar-Numbers, Devarim-Deuteronomy.

Neviim (The Prophets): Yehoshua-Joshua, Shoftim-Judges, Ruth, Shmuel A-1 Samuel, Shmuel B-2 Samuel, Melachim A-1 Kings, Melachim B-2 Kings, Yisheyah-Isaiah, Yermiyah-Jeremiah, Yechezchial-Ezekiel

Treisar (The Minor Prophets): Hoshea-Hosea, Yoel-Joel, Amos-Amos, Ovadiyah-Obadiah, Yonah-Jonah, Michah-Micah, Nachum-Nahum, Chabakuk-Habakkuk, Tzefaniyah-Zephaniah, Chaggi-Haggai, Zechariyah-Zechariah, Malachi-Malachi.

Ketuvim (The Writings) Tehilim-Psalms, Mishlei-Proverbs, Eyov-Job

Megilot: Shir HaShirim-Song of Songs, Ruth-Ruth, Eichah-Lamentations, Keholet-Ecclesiastes, Esther-Esther, Daniyel-Daniel, Ezra-Ezra, Nechemiyah-Nehemiah, Divrei Yamim A-1 Chronicles, Divrei Yamim B-2 Chronicles.